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The Cake is a goddamn lie!

I once moderated a panel at a Star Trek convention that discussed the path our society needed to take in order to end up at the utopian society of the Star Trek universe. The panelist to my right said something … Continue reading

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Apologizing to Elementary

I seem to have spent quite a lot of time apologising to TV lately, what with Broadchurch and all. And now I’d like to offer a heartfelt apology to Elementary. I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. I’ve read the … Continue reading

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Useless first officers

A question came up the other day about the usefulness of first officers in Starfleet (what, you don’t think about things like this?) In both TOS and DS9 the first officers had other jobs (Spock was Science Officer and Kira … Continue reading

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RIP Sir Terry

The internet has been awash with tributes to Terry Pratchett, and so I have been loath to post my own tribute lest it seem like bandwagon jumping. But he is my favourite author, and so I at least wanted to … Continue reading

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Sometimes it helps not to be a fan

I’m reading a lot of hate for Gotham in various spaces of the internet. It’s too campy, they say. The characters are too broad, they say. And they just dislike Fish Mooney on general principle. However, the very things they … Continue reading

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Not your grandma’s cosplay

There was a story this week about two people in the UK who were tossed out of the Natural History Museum for cosplaying (well, wearing animal onesies, which is the low-hanging fruit of the cosplay world) . These are, presumably … Continue reading

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