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The Colour of Money

To paraphrase the old axiom, ‘no one ever went broke trying to sell people’s childhoods back to them’. We are currently staggering under the weight of comic book movies, cosplay one-upmanship and adult Disney fandom. There’s even a word for … Continue reading

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Feeding Vaal

After a particularly trying week at work where I seemingly did nothing but input orders into the system (normally a very small part of my job) I was reminded of the original Star Trek episode The Apple. In that episode, … Continue reading

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Morning TV is killing me.

We are in a golden age of television to be sure. I watch a fair old amount of scripted shows, mostly dramas (I occasionally watch Big Bang Theory, but that show is well past it’s glory years). What I rarely … Continue reading

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Tool of the patriarchy? Me?

This editorial was ¬†was published back at the end of January. It got under my skin at the time and I don’t really feel any better about it now. Consequently I just have to have a little rant. I have … Continue reading

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