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Elementary – Their Final Bow

This week was the series finale of Elementary and it is with a very heavy heart that I say goodbye. Despite my extremely dubious attitude at the beginning, being certain that no modern telling of Holmes, especially one set in … Continue reading

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I remember my first Monty Python sketch. It was The Spanish Inquisition (you know, the one no one expects?). I was about 11 and it was shown late at night which was the only time we could get the grainy, … Continue reading

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Billionaire shaming

One of the most interesting TV shows this past few months is a mid season replacement called APB. The plot can basically be summed up as ‘Elon Musk buys a police station’. Literally, that’s it. Barely fictionalised billionaire spends his … Continue reading

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Enterprise Rewatch, Pt 1

I watched Enterprise back during it’s original run and it was definitely my least favourite of all the Treks. Setting it before TOS was always going to be problematic due to technology outstripping that of TOS, but I remember it … Continue reading

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2015/16 TV Retrospective, Pt 2

Lucifer Rating: A This show came out of nowhere. I only started watching it because the plot was so preposterous, but the subplot (or is it the main plot, who can tell) about Satanic existential angst is so thoughtful and … Continue reading

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