The Cake is a goddamn lie!


I once moderated a panel at a Star Trek convention that discussed the path our society needed to take in order to end up at the utopian society of the Star Trek universe. The panelist to my right said something to the effect that in order to achieve the Star Trek universe, both religion and nationalism had to go. Particularly irked were two Americans in the audience, one of whom suggested that anyone trying to take his religion could take it up with the business end of his semi automatic weapon. He actually said that. And these were fans. Discussing a TV show. (The panel only got more heated from that point BTW, and I was put off moderating for quite some time.) So I know it shouldn’t surprise me at this point that others take their respective hobbies so seriously, but it does.

I had to make a cake to take over to my mom’s. Now, I generally just use a cake mix, but this time I thought I would be marginally less lazy & make one from wholesome ingredients, so I scrolled through Pinterest looking for a basic white cake recipe. There were about a hundred possibilities on the first page alone but I followed a link to a site where a blogger was comparing three different recipes she had found online. She had baked three cakes and set up a taste test with family members. I read the post & the results of the taste test & found my winner. But in reading further on the site I found a thread where she had done a previous taste test which hadn’t gone so well. Apparently one of the recipes she had tested, which had come third of three, upset the originator of the recipe. A back and forth comment war ensued, down to such trivialities as the tester not having done the test in a heart shaped pan, which the recipe in question was optimised for. (With my cake mix level of baking skill, I can’t imagine what difference a heart shaped pan makes, but the recipe author was quite insistent.) No one threatened to pull a gun, but it was quite a war of words over cake. Cake.


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