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Honestly, networks, it’s like you want people to torrent stuff.

Elementary is moving to Sunday nights. CSI Cyber is moving from Sunday nights to … somewhere. Shows start at one or two minutes past the hour and go into the following hour. The last two episodes of Mr Robot were, … Continue reading

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CSI: Neckbeard

I learned a new euphemism a couple of weeks back – hatewatch. It barely requires explaining that hatewatch is when you watch a show you hate, expressly so you can pour your scorn upon it. I’d say CSI: Cyber is my … Continue reading

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I’m back on the Runescape horse

I feel I must blame my nephew for my RPG addiction. Back when he was about 10, he was telling me about his favourite video game, Runescape. I sat patiently while he showed me how it worked & I watched him kill … Continue reading

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Review – Ready Player One

Because I’m always the last one on the block to glom onto anything, I just finished Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline. I had put off reading it for so long just because it was so popular, but I unexpectedly … Continue reading

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Not now, I’m busy being four people

I saw this map of most common professions by state, by year, the other day and it’s interesting to see the professions change as technology advances. In 1978 it’s pretty evenly divided between farmers, secretaries and factory workers. By 1987, … Continue reading

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