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Enterprise Rewatch, Pt 2

One of the things I had forgotten in my years away from enterprise is how shabbily they treated the Vulcans. JJ may have nuked their whole planet, but Enterprise turned them into villains. For a species that prides itself on … Continue reading

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Enterprise Rewatch, Pt 1

I watched Enterprise back during it’s original run and it was definitely my least favourite of all the Treks. Setting it before TOS was always going to be problematic due to technology outstripping that of TOS, but I remember it … Continue reading

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WWJD (What Would Jack Bauer Do)?

We had an interesting discussion last week while watching Flash. They had to get Killer Frost to betray someone in order to save their friends. They talked and talked and talked¬†and finally got the info they needed, but time was … Continue reading

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Dear new Star Trek, please don’t suck.

There’s a new Star Trek series coming in 2017. I do not care what era it is set in (though I would prefer it was not JJ’s alternate universe) provided it is good. Here are 7¬†things that the new series … Continue reading

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Feeding Vaal

After a particularly trying week at work where I seemingly did nothing but input orders into the system (normally a very small part of my job) I was reminded of the original Star Trek episode The Apple. In that episode, … Continue reading

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The Cake is a goddamn lie!

I once moderated a panel at a Star Trek convention that discussed the path our society needed to take in order to end up at the utopian society of the Star Trek universe. The panelist to my right said something … Continue reading

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Useless first officers

A question came up the other day about the usefulness of first officers in Starfleet (what, you don’t think about things like this?) In both TOS and DS9 the first officers had other jobs (Spock was Science Officer and Kira … Continue reading

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