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The Internet has ruined April Fools’ Day.

I used to love April Fools Day. Pranks and japes, peanut butter on doorknobs, cling film on toilets; getting your friends good. Then came the Internet. Now the day is a minefield of “is it true or isn’t it” stories … Continue reading

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Honestly, networks, it’s like you want people to torrent stuff.

Elementary is moving to Sunday nights. CSI Cyber is moving from Sunday nights to … somewhere. Shows start at one or two minutes past the hour and go into the following hour. The last two episodes of Mr Robot were, … Continue reading

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Don’t mention the war

There was a teeny bit of internet outrage a few weeks back over a question at the Miss Italy pageant. Apparently a contestant was asked in what year she would most liked to have lived and she said 1942. Her great-grandmother … Continue reading

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I’m back on the Runescape horse

I feel I must blame my nephew for my RPG addiction. Back when he was about 10, he was telling me about his favourite video game, Runescape. I sat patiently while he showed me how it worked & I watched him kill … Continue reading

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Social media for high functioning sociopaths

Pinterest is the only social network I enjoy. I leapt on Pinterest when it was in beta, having found out about it via Craftster. Craftster members used to use Wists to make project & want boards, but it was buggy … Continue reading

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