RIP Sir Terry


The internet has been awash with tributes to Terry Pratchett, and so I have been loath to post my own tribute lest it seem like bandwagon jumping. But he is my favourite author, and so I at least wanted to say something.
I am quite a hardcore science fiction and fantasy fan. It’s not the only fiction I read, but it does comprise the vast majority. Sometimes as an adult it is difficult to justify reading books that are seen as aimed at teenagers (not that they are aimed at teenagers mind you, in fact it’s often quite the contrary) but with Discworld it’s easy. The milieu is fantasy, but the execution is as adult as anything you’re likely to find in a college literature course. The universe is as deep as Middle Earth, the characters are finely drawn, the moral lessons are salient and the writing is sharp and hilarious. Pratchett became one of the two authors that I could no longer read on public transit, as I laughed out loud too much.
Pratchett was the only author I bought the instant his books came out, and didn’t wait for paperback. I was incapable of waiting for the next juicy little Discworld morsel. And then when I did have them, I raced through them with unseemly haste, devouring them, and usually started right back at the beginning the instant I was finished. And I reread Discworld books a lot. It’s a little hard to think there will be only one more Tiffany Aching book and that’s it for Discworld. It’s extremely dificult to think of a world with no Terry Pratchett in it.
R.I.P. Sir Terry.


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