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2015/16 TV Retrospective, Pt 1

Now that the TV season is winding to a close, I am minded to post my ratings and reviews, in no particular order. (It should go without saying that spoilers follow). Gotham Rating: A The writing continues to be top … Continue reading

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The Colour of Money

To paraphrase the old axiom, ‘no one ever went broke trying to sell people’s childhoods back to them’. We are currently staggering under the weight of comic book movies, cosplay one-upmanship and adult Disney fandom. There’s even a word for … Continue reading

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The Internet has ruined April Fools’ Day.

I used to love April Fools Day. Pranks and japes, peanut butter on doorknobs, cling film on toilets; getting your friends good. Then came the Internet. Now the day is a minefield of “is it true or isn’t it” stories … Continue reading

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Three great books in a row – what are the odds?

Because I have a Kindle and subscribe to BookBub, many of my book purchases are based primarily on cost. If it costs less than five bucks, there’s a good chance I will read it. Closer to ten? Well, then it … Continue reading

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Honestly, networks, it’s like you want people to torrent stuff.

Elementary is moving to Sunday nights. CSI Cyber is moving from Sunday nights to … somewhere. Shows start at one or two minutes past the hour and go into the following hour. The last two episodes of Mr Robot were, … Continue reading

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Elementary honours the Baskervilles

The most recent episode of Elementary, Hounded, was probably one of the best yet. When they teased the Hound of the Baskervilles connection I was looking forward to it, and they really did a good job of it. All of … Continue reading

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Don’t make me make eye contact!

Why do they design bus seats like this? People don’t want to face each other at that proximity and risk making eye contact, much less accidentally touch knees. The woman in the pink shoes isn’t putting her feet there because … Continue reading

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