Revisiting The Magicians

Aaaand … we’re back.
When I first posted regarding The Magicians, waaay back on February 2, 2016, I was not sure it would grow on me. The characters were either bitchy or whiny, and the plot was unnecessarily convoluted. Oh, the humble pie, I now have to eat! Tasty, tasty humble pie. I am ecstatic to say how wrong I was.
We just finished watching the 3rd season and the character growth has been phenomenal. Bitchy characters have matured into responsible and empathetic adults, and whiny characters have toughened up and stepped up. What seemed to be an unnecessarily convoluted plot turned out the be sharp, intricate writing, with call back to arcs of two seasons previously. I still have not read the books, so I don’t know if the sharp writing is a direct port over from the books. The main actors are all amazing finds, and the supporting characters are also really well cast (my personal fave is Tick Pickwick).
I would urge anyone who hasn’t watched this show to give it a try. Like me, you might have to give it a few episodes for the characters to grow on you, but they definitely will.


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