Enterprise Rewatch, Pt 1


I watched Enterprise back during it’s original run and it was definitely my least favourite of all the Treks. Setting it before TOS was always going to be problematic due to technology outstripping that of TOS, but I remember it having other problems as well. Recently, with all the Treks on Netflix we decided to have a re-watch of Enterprise. Currently we are halfway through season two and I wanted to share my thoughts.

I like most of the characters more than I remembered, particularly Phlox and Mayweather. Even T’pol, who I did not remember with fondness, is more than just a tight jumpsuit (they really did her character a disservice with that costume) but boy do I dislike Archer.

My bff once gave to me the postcard pictured above, somewhat ironically as she loved Archer and she knew I am a Kirk girl til I die. Archer is supposed to be a contrast with the conservative, logical reasoning of T’pol, but it’s amazing how often she is right. He frequently jumps straight in when he should be a bit more cautious. He often doesn’t take the accepting new cultures thing to heart, frequently going the “well, we’re humans and that’s not the way we do it” approach. I regularly wish Trip was captain and not Archer.


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