Feeding Vaal


After a particularly trying week at work where I seemingly did nothing but input orders into the system (normally a very small part of my job) I was reminded of the original Star Trek episode The Apple. In that episode, the aliens of the week were in thrall to a machine, Vaal, which they spent all their time fuelling in return for food and shelter. If they were even a little bit late with their offerings the machine would cause thunder, lightning & ground tremors terrifying the populace.

Of course along come Kirk & co, blah, blah, blah, free will, and the next thing you know Vaal is dead and the aliens are freed to learn more of this Earth thing called kissing.

It occurred to me that Vaal is the perfect metaphor for capitalism. People must constantly feed the machine, which controls us all, in return for our daily bread and Kardashian gossip nuggets. Any slacking off is rewarded with dire economic predictions and terrorist threats in order to keep the proles in line.

Compliance will be rewarded, conformity is good. Consumption is king.


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