Fillmore poster from polymer clay

I love the psychedelic Fillmore posters from the late sixties. I think the art and the colours are amazing. The original artist on this one is Bonnie MacLean and I recreated it in polymer clay using a Balinese filigree technique.

Polymer Clay Fillmore poster

Wisely, I did a small test piece first to spot all the problems, and then, less than wisely proceeded to ignore some of the things I learned. For instance, I used illustration board for the backing, when I really wanted to use stretched canvas. I had wanted to start it right away, and the illustration board was there. On the first one I did, I outlined the letters in black first and then filled them in. With this one I did the general shape of the word first, then cut out where the black lines would go and filled it in with black snakes, which turned out to be a much better idea. The whole thing actually took less time than I thought it would, about 50-60 hours and I did it primarily with Premo. Here’s a close up so you can see the technique a bit better.

fillmore closeup



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