Gotham- really quite good

Just watched Gotham. I think I may have missed an episode. I swear, if the networks didn’t bugger around with the schedules so much, fewer shows would fail. Instead it’s four new episodes, repeat, week off, two new episodes, and so on. And they wonder why people pirate.

If it wouldn’t mess up my watercooler conversations and internet surfing, I’d just binge-watch them at the end of the season. We just finished watching Fringe that way, all five seasons over the space of a few weeks, and it makes for an altogether more satisfactory experience. You don’t agonise trying to remember minute details from half a season previous, and you don’t have to suffer from delayed gratification waiting for the conclusion of the latest cliffhanger. Netflix is an absolute gift to the serious TV-phile.

Anyway, Gotham. It’s really starting to shine. I’m not necessarily a DC universe or Batman fan, so I’m sure I’m missing quite a few of the subtle fan-service references. I like that the milieu is everything from the 40’s to modern day just thrown into the mix with no regard for whether anything clashes. It works really well. Robin Lord Taylor, as Cobblepot, is blowing my mind and deserves to be a massive star on the back of this show. And casting Carol Kane as his mother was a stroke of genius. The show is not subtle, and isn’t always logical, but what it is, is a comic book come to life, which is exactly how it should be.


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